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Straight Talking Accountancy for Experienced businesses

You’ve successfully run your business for a few years. You know what you are doing and where you are going, but maybe you don’t get enough professional support or response when it comes to financial and tax planning… that’s where Blu Sky can help.

Straight Talking Accountancy for Growing businesses

Either at start-up, or you’ve been going for a while and have expansion plans. You need practical advice on what that might mean, plus some help in the planning and finance raise….that’s where Blu Sky can help.

Straight Talking Accountancy for Start up businesses

Never run a business before? Want to do it right? Unsure how to approach your legal obligations under tax and company law? Want to give yourself the best platform for success?... that’s where Blu Sky can help.

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Business Valuation

Buying a business? Selling? Want to know share values for EMI? There are many reasons why you may want to understand the current and potential value of your business.

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Exit Strategies

As with any project, start with the end in mind! The one guarantee we can make is that sooner or later you and the business will part company. So let’s make sure that’s in your thoughts from the start.

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Our Exceed package provides a ‘virtual FD’ service for your business.

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Growth Accelerator

There is often justification to subsidise our finance and growth efforts though the GrowthAccelerator scheme.

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Tax Specialisms

Blu Sky has been at the forefront of R&D Tax Credit claims within the region, and has worked closely with clients on the games tax credits.

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Our most popular package, a comprehensive service based around the normal day to day needs of your business. This package is suitable for smaller, stable businesses and one-person companies.

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Mainstream Tax and Accounts

Yes, well there is (at the last count) 14,500 pages of this stuff, so no-one knows it all. However as a team we have the basics more than well-covered.

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PAYE and auto-enrolment

Payroll is significant process for all employers. We run payroll services for a significant number of businesses, often integrating with their pension contribution needs.

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Pitched at start-ups, and based around the ‘Prosper’ service, with ongoing management information and feedback. We appreciate that as a start-up you will be full of questions.

Welcome to Blu Sky Chartered Accountants

Let me introduce you to Blu Sky. Our passion is helping businesses achieve success, and it’s the skilled individuals within our team that ensures we deliver this. We’ve accrued vast experience, and banked considerable success, providing services that really help our clients, and we generally do this with a smile on our face. We can help with business growth and mentoring, financial planning and forecasting, corporate finance, exit strategies and business valuations. We particularly specialise in digital and creative tax breaks such as R&D tax credits. Oh, and as a Chartered Accountancy firm we can of course deal with all that bread and butter stuff such as VAT, PAYE, Auto-enrolment and Corporation Tax.

Our Latest News

Apart from your £11,500 personal allowance, don’t forget that this year you have:

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    Maintaining your business performance

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    Designed to help your business grow

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    Getting your business off to a flying start

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    No frills, simple, traditional accountancy

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Meet our Team

We believe we are a people business, not a numbers business. An accountant should be a valuable asset rather than a necessary cost.

Not only are we backed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) but we’re also registered Auditors, which means we have the expertise to deal with larger businesses.

We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients and understanding their business needs.

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